Day 16

Israel, Middle East
Population: 8,049,000
Chief of State: President Reuven Rivlin
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Christians: 1.5%
Evangelical Christians: 0.2%
Dominant Religion: Judaism
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
Life Expectancy: 81.38 Years
Literacy Rate: 97.1%
Population Below Poverty Line: 21%
Refugees Living in Israel: 45,284

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Israel’s peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan were a result of hope that Israel and the Palestinians would come to a peaceful arrangement. The relationship never trickled down to positive relationships between peoples. It is maintained today primarily on the security front because the countries have common interests. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been skeptical about dreams of peace. The reshaping of the Jordanian peace treaty may be a symbol of storm clouds on the horizon. Pray that Israel will try its best to be at peace with the neighboring countries. Pray that Israel will overcome every challenge and the peace treaties will remain (The Bible, Romans 12:18).


Tajikistan, Central Asia
Population: 8,192,000
Chief of State: President Emomalii Rahmon
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Kokhir Rasulzoda
Christians: 1.3%
Evangelical Christians: 0.1%
Dominant Religion: Sunni Islam
Persecution Ranking: 22nd
Life Expectancy: 67.39 Years
Literacy Rate: 99.7%
Population Below Poverty Line: 35.6%
Refugees Living in Tajikistan: 3,590

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When Dmitry became a Christian he chose to participate in a discipleship program. Growing in knowledge of the Word and relationship with God through prayer, Dmitry said he became more confident to talk about his faith with people around him. He also began to study hard at school and won a biology competition. When Dmitry’s school’s director presented him with his award in front of this classroom, the director made reference to the fact that Dmitry was a Christian. Praise God for the testimony of this young Believer’s life. Pray that he and other young Believers will grow in faith, and win many more friends to Jesus (The Bible, Proverbs 28:1).

Dmitry’s Story (Mission Eurasia)