Day 19

Taiwan, East Asia
Population: 23,415,000
Chief of State: President Tsai Ing-wen
Head of Gov.: Premier Mao Chi-kuo
Christians: 4.2%
Evangelical Christians: 1.5%
Dominant Religion: Ethnic Religions
Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
Life Expectancy: 78.97 Years
Literacy Rate: 98.29%
Population Below Poverty Line: 1.5%
Refugees Living in Taiwan: Unknown

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Several thousand pro-independence demonstrators rallied in Taiwan’s capital, protesting against Beijing’s “bullying.” calling for a referendum on whether the self-ruled island should formally declare independence from China. President Tsai said she would maintain the status quo with Beijing, but promised to boost Taiwan’s national security saying her government would not submit to Chinese suppression. Pray for wisdom for this nation as it deals with China’s increasing demonstrations of control and power in the region (The Bible, Psalm 64:6).

Thousands rally in Taiwan, call for referendum on independence from China (Reuters)

Bahrain, Arabian Peninsula
Population: 1,347,000
Chief of State: King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Khalifa ibn Salman Al Khalifa
Christians: 8.2%
Evangelical Christians: 2.3%
Dominant Religion: Shia Islam
Persecution Ranking: 48th
Life Expectancy: 78.73 Years
Literacy Rate: 94.6%
Population Below Poverty Line: Unknown
Refugees Living in Bahrain: 353

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Bahrain has applied to the international Green Climate Fund for $9.8m for its National Oil and Gas Authority, raising questions over whether taxpayer-funded assistance for poor countries is reaching its intended targets. It has requested funding for water conservation work to be carried out by its national oil and gas company, in case of water scarcity in future. Bahrain’s proposal has come in for heavy criticism. Other oil-rich nations will come forward with proposals that will benefit their fossil fuel industries under the guise of adapting to the impacts of climate change. Pray that the oil-rich Bahrain will bow before the God of all resources, especially water. Pray that the acute water scarcity in the country will be replaced with abundance of water (The Bible, Amos 9:6).

Bahrain applies to Green Climate Fund to help clean up waste from fossil fuels