Day 9

Mali, West Africa
Population: 16,956,000
Chief of State: President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Modibo Keita
Christians: 2.7%
Evangelical Christians: 0.6%
Dominant Religion: Sunni Islam
Persecution Ranking: 37th
Life Expectancy: 55 Years
Literacy Rate: 27.7%
Population Below Poverty Line: 36.1%
Refugees Living in Mali: 291,615

Pray for Mali - Facebook Page

The Convergence of Patriotic Forces is a new political group recently formed in Mali; a coalition of four political parties. Members of the four opposition parties forged the new alliance to protest any postponement of the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections. The elections were initially to be held November and December 2018 but were postponed to June 2019. Opposition parties say the move is anti-constitutional. Pray that these elections will be covered by God’s grace and protection. Ask for free and fair elections, unmarred by terror attacks, and bringing some measure of stability to this fragile nation (The Bible, Psalm 106:3).

Mali: New political coalition (Africa News)

Azerbaijan, Southwest Asia
Population: 9,781,000
Chief of State: President Ilham Aliyev
Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Artur Rasizade
Christians: 2.7%
Evangelical Christians: 0.2%
Dominant Religion: Shia Islam
Persecution Ranking: 45th
Life Expectancy: 72.2 Years
Literacy Rate: 99.8%
Population Below Poverty Line: 6%
Refugees Living in Azerbaijan: 628,170

Pray for Azerbaijan - facebook page

The government of Azerbaijan hires tech-savvy “political technologists” to create pro-government propaganda, and run smear campaigns on anyone deemed to be anti-government. Opposition politicians and anyone who speaks against the government can be the target of these on-line campaigns which include articles posted on-line and use of social media to discredit individuals or businesses. Smear campaigns initiated by the government are hard to confront. Pray for “on-line protection” around Christians, and others who stand up for justice (The Bible, Romans 13:10).

Azerbaijan’s State-Sponsored Trolls Silence Dissent and Make It Look Like Democracy (NewYork Magazine)