Project Impact


"Prayer is the sword that cuts through war," the South Sudanese pastor shouts slowly in English. He paces in front of the baobab tree, preaching loudly and passionately to the desperately needy community that gathers. The community is already very familiar with the pastor, who attends classes with them to learn English.

Because of the civil war, farmers are unable to plant their crops and many are starving. This tragedy has caused the UN to declare South Sudan a famine nation. The only famine nation since 2011! The community gathers to receive food and humanitarian aid donated by our partners. The community comes to learn English and to learn about prayer. They gather to pray biblically for peace in their land, and peace in their hearts through Jesus.

In Juba, South Sudan’s capital, we have 21 learning centers with 2100 learners and 61 volunteer teachers. In the Ugandan refugee camps, we have 22 learning centers with 647 students and 32 volunteer teachers. That is 2,747 learners! Most of the people are coming to the learning centers only to learn English but, through the discipleship program, some of them have decided to give their life to Jesus! Amen! Prayer is the sword that cuts through war!

Fifteen learners from our learning centers sat for primary completion certificate examination recently. This is a great achievement for people who have never been to a regular school. They are able to take exams to go to secondary school, alongside other students from regular school. Amen! Prayer is the sword that cuts through war!

The impact of learning English is transformative, but what they read in English is the Word of God – even more transformative! Hostile groups are being transformed into peacemakers. They are learning to love God, and love each other – that is most transformative! We have witnessed members of the various groups accept each other regardless of their tribe or village. Only God can make this happen. A family of the children of God is being formed in areas where the learning centers operate. This is the answer to prayer; the sword that cuts through war!

In the midst of this crisis, we are returning to South Sudan and Uganda. Will you partner with us in prayer? Pray for our team, and pray for our 10/40 Window brothers and sisters. May the Kingdom come to the people of South Sudan! Thank you for making an impact for Christ!