Day 16

Israel, Middle East

The Education Ministry set aside nearly one million shekels for trips to a settlement facility dedicated to helping young Israelis foster “a deeper connection to God by embracing their biblical and cultural heritage.” The Education Ministry has begun to provide state funding for a Bible-based leadership training program developed by Christian evangelicals in the West Bank settlement of Ariel. Between 3,000 and 4,000 Israeli high school students will participate in this outdoor experiential program over the coming year. An Education Ministry spokeswoman confirmed that a contract for almost a million shekels had been signed. The emphasis is in training young people to become a pool of leaders.

Praise Report Praise God for the opportunity created for young Israelis to foster a deeper connection with God. Praise God for the facility and funds dedicated for this program (The Bible, 2 Timothy 3:17).

  • Pray that the Christian evangelicals will be successful in creating a great number of good leaders (The Bible, 2 Timothy 2:2).
  • Call to Salvation Pray that the people of Israel will accept Jesus Christ, the Messiah and be transformed by His power (The Bible, Romans 10:1).


    Israeli Ministry to Fund Evangelical Bible Program in West Bank Settlement

    Population: 8,049,000
    Chief of State: President Reuven Rivlin
    Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
    Christians: 1.5%
    Evangelical Christians: 0.2%
    Dominant Religion: Judaism
    Persecution Ranking: Not Ranked
    Life Expectancy: 81.38 Years
    Literacy Rate: 97.1%
    Population Below Poverty Line: 21%
    Refugees Living in Israel: 45,284

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    Tajikistan, Central Asia

    Central Asia’s poorest nation, Tajikistan has never recovered from the Soviet era. After five years of civil war following the 1991 Soviet collapse, a UN-brokered peace deal resulted. Secular forces dominate, but economic stability hasn’t returned. Tajikistan voted to allow its president to rule indefinitely. Each year greater legislative restrictions oppress the Tajik masses. Secular forces also dictate religious law. Although the constitution guarantees religious freedom, oppression is widespread. Mainstream Protestants are labeled “extremists” accused of spying on and dismantling Tajikistan’s political system. Meeting surveillance, interruptions, activity restrictions and literature confiscation are tools the government uses against Christians. Churches must register to be legal, a near impossible task.

    Praise Report Praise God that the Church, although small, is present and growing. Praise God that they have the whole Bible in the Tajik language (The Bible, 1 Chronicles 16:11).

    Prayer Requests

    • Currently the government operates with power to repress, harass and intimidate its people. Pray that the love of Jesus will sweep through these authorities (The Bible, 1 Peter 5:6-7).
    • Pray that God will be sovereign over this nation; the One who can put rulers in place and remove them from their positions. Ask God for a change in government for this nation (The Bible, Daniel 2:21).
    • Pray that God will teach Christians in this nation what it means to love their enemies, be patient in their affliction, and win souls to Jesus because of their grace (The Bible, Matthew 5:43-48).

    Sources: WIN
    Photo: Tajikistan Presidential Press Service

    Population: 8,192,000
    Chief of State: President Emomalii Rahmon
    Head of Gov.: Prime Minister Kokhir Rasulzoda
    Christians: 1.3%
    Evangelical Christians: 0.1%
    Dominant Religion: Sunni Islam
    Persecution Ranking: 22nd
    Life Expectancy: 67.39 Years
    Literacy Rate: 99.7%
    Population Below Poverty Line: 35.6%
    Refugees Living in Tajikistan: 3,590

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